Monday, April 18, 2011


"Thanks to our kind friends at the Ministry of Sports and Youth we’ve been invited to participate in one of their Rakan Muda/Youth event this coming Saturday.

It’s a bit of a short notice but please do come by and hang out with us that day! Event starts in the morning at 11am. We have lots of activities scheduled, including a photoshoot session for Pedal Malaya, a bike clinic and trick demo session with riders from RatsKL, as well as screenings of RatsKL’s videos.

We’ve also planned a chilled Putrajaya Night Ride starting from 8PM onwards, where we will be riding around our nation’s beloved capital. Please bring along your helmets and blinker lights!

We’ll be selling a few stuff from the shop, including parts, accessories and clothing, so bring some cash along! We’ve got a special deal for our double toestrap+toeclip combo so don’t miss out!

p/s Grafa will be CLOSED for business on that day, so do visit us in Putrajaya instead :)

See you guys there!"

An event organized by GRAFA.


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