Saturday, March 19, 2011


March oh March from yeah! on Vimeo.

QF X SG from shamin sahrum on Vimeo.

some clips from the event,

list of winners

- bunnyhop -

1st – Jaka
2nd – Galih
3rd – Aaron Chan & Sadad

- longest skid -

1st – Redhuan
2nd – Wei Xiong
3rd – Minzi

- trackstand -

1st – Redhuan
2nd – Eujine
3rd – Jaka

- footdown -

1st – Puket
2nd – Jaka
3rd – Jimm Chew

- sprint -

1st – Ujang
2nd – Ray
3rd – Adit

list of sponsors

Urban Velo, Flwrider, Helltrust, Fixpatrix, PeonFx, Flesh Imp, Damnson, Nipmuc Jeans, TheFIXFIXFIX, Crankster, RatsKL, Grafa, Sup Clothing, CrankArmSteady, Grip Reaper, Thunderkill, H+Son, FRS, FixiePixie, Burro Bags, The GRIME, BackPedalBlog, Ride & Yeah, Alpha Lab, EightInch, Redbull SG, GetSet, Cool Caps, Badger Invaders, EndSevenNine.


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